I will be honest with you. I am no expert at social media, marketing, or being web-site savvy. I am a lover of writing, blank paper, encyclopedias, and hardcover books. Seeing something on paper makes it more real somehow.

But, alas, I have found myself in the age of ever changing and evolving technology. In order to make my dreams come true, I must accept and learn a few things about the world of networking and social media.

It started with the development of my web-site. I was confronted for the first time with the need to sell myself. This is foreign to me. What I am good at is being genuine. What I am good at is being a model for structure, self-care, and self-forgiveness (for my human foibles). These strengths do not fit into the model of selling yourself. Selling yourself requires creating an entity that is a version of you that people will want more of. So I grappled slowly with creating this entity – this image – that I wanted to portray, and had a difficult time feeling that somehow I wasn’t being genuine. And yet, even with this entity that I created, which was mostly me (without the human foibles), I was concerned that it wasn’t the “me” that others would like or accept. I felt vulnerable to the hyper criticism and judgement of others. But I did it anyway.

The next step was joining a social networking group. I was on Facebook about 4 years ago for about 3 months. Literally, I was on Facebook for about 3 months straight until I decided I wanted to live my life and not just talk about how I was living my life. I made some connections with some people from my past that were wonderful and beautiful (Randy Ehrhard, Rest in Peace); and I made some connections with people from my past that were very uncomfortable (I was hoping to forget that one particular night). So, here I am again, joining another networking site, LinkedIn. I am asking people I haven’t spoken with in years to “join my network”. I am getting requests from people that I barely know to “join their network”. People are looking at my profile. Once again, I am feeling vulnerable to the eyes and projections of others. But I am doing it anyway.

And now look at me! I have graduated! I am writing a blog. And I think, out of the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of blogs out there, why would a person select mine to read? I, personally, think I have a lot of very intelligent and insightful things to say, but why would anyone else think that? And, how do I share myself honestly (and appropriately) and not turn others off to the entity that they expect me to be? This is all very confusing.

So, I will continue to do what I do best. This is what I have to offer. I promise you my blog will be honest (appropriately). I promise you my blog will give you tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle and have more peace inside. I promise you I will continue to grow and learn and change as I take on new challenges. My hope is that this, in turn, will encourage you to take on new challenges as well.

If I can do it, you can do it!


I have come to realize that all my trouble with living has come from fear and smallness within me.”

-Angela L. Wozniak


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